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Talent training is an important resource for development

Purpose of talent training

Build a talent training system, establish a talent training mechanism centered on strategic planning, and take business development as the main line to cultivate, select and introduce the required talents. Formulate effective talent training and development plans, and reasonably excavate, develop and cultivate strategic reserve talents; Establish a talent echelon to meet the demand for talents in the strategy and future development plan; Provide intellectual capital support for sustainable development.

Talent training direction

According to the needs of the development of the main business, the talent gap in the next five years will be dominated by the professional and technical talents and middle and senior management personnel required by the project. Therefore, the direction of talent training will be carried out in the dual-track mode of professional talent training and compound management talent training.

Talent training organization system

Establish a "unified and decentralized" talent training system. The functional departments of each business unit, as the base of talent training, are responsible for the preliminary selection of talent training objects and the specific implementation of talent training plans. The Human Resources Department, as the organization and coordination department of the company's talent training, is responsible for the development of talent training plans, talent selection standards and procedures, the determination of training objects and the overall arrangement of training plans.


Talent training mode

Internal cultivation
Employee Development Plan

In order to make up for the differences in various core competencies required by the strategy, guide employees to establish their own awareness of career development planning, combine with the personal development of employees, conduct a comprehensive analysis of the gap between the existing capabilities of employees and the future expected post capabilities, and develop employee development plans. Take different levels of training and development opportunities such as internal training, expatriate professional training, and job rotation, and combine with phased performance counter measures to specifically overcome the existing and potential quality bottlenecks of employees, supplement and improve the ability of employees in existing core positions, so as to meet the requirements of talent structure at all levels under multi-level control.

Training plan for reserve talents of key talents and key positions

Create an internal talent information pool, regularly check and evaluate human resources capacity and quality structure based on the business needs of phased strategic objectives, so as to obtain the core competencies required at present and in the future, and ensure that there is a professional reserve team at any time, ensure the continuity of management, shorten the period of filling vacancies, and constantly meet the needs of future business development. The construction of reserve talent team includes career development planning, job rotation, internal part-time job, talent allocation, on-the-job training, assessment, etc.

External introduction

Fully grasp the advantages of various channels for external talent introduction to ensure that suitable candidates can be found in a short time when needed. Maintain regular communication with relevant personnel of external talent channels and keep sufficient information of the channels to ensure that suitable introduction channels can be found quickly in the period of talent demand.


The constraint mechanism of talent selection —— assessment and evaluation

Employee performance appraisal

On the one hand, the performance appraisal of employees. The output result of employee performance assessment is connected with the training project to ensure that the deficiencies can be found through assessment, and training can be conducted to achieve the real purpose of improving performance.

Evaluation of talent training methods and effects

Improve the evaluation mechanism of talent training methods and effects to ensure the effectiveness of training. Through training and promotion or talent selection, make the right person in the right position to support the realization of the company's strategy.