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Introduce the points of the thermal calculation purpose of the cross flow square open cooling tower

  1459  2023/01/05

The cross-flow square open cooling tower is a kind of equipment where water is filled in the tower, the water flows from top to bottom, and the air flows horizontally from the outside of the tower to the inside of the tower. The two flow directions are perpendicular to each other. It is commonly used in residential areas with strict noise requirements, and is the most used equipment in the air conditioning industry
Its advantages include energy saving, low water pressure, low wind resistance, low-speed motors, no dripping noise and wind noise, and convenient maintenance of the filling and water distribution system. Multiple foundations can be constructed and placed at will according to the shape of the building, and single or multiple devices can be activated according to the required water temperature. It should be noted that the frame should have 40% more heat exchange when there is more filler volume, the filler is easy to age, the water distribution hole is easy to block, the anti-icing is not good, and the moisture return is large. The advantage of the cross-flow tower is exactly the disadvantage of the counter-flow tower.
There are two purposes for thermal calculation of cross-flow square open cooling tower:
One is: the water load and heat load are known, and the area required by the equipment is determined according to the cooling requirements under specific weather conditions;
The second is: Knowing the various conditions of the equipment, calculate the water temperature after cooling under specific water load, heat load and meteorological conditions.
When selecting a complete set of equipment in the engineering design, check whether the water temperature after cooling meets the requirements according to the height, volume, air volume and known conditions of the equipment.