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Analyze what cleaning method is selected for the heat exchanger cleaning process

  1476  2023/01/05

The heat exchanger chemical cleaning method is based on the principle of dissolution reaction, through the chemical reaction of the cleaning solution with the deposits on the surface of the equipment, the debris on the surface is cleaned without removing it, and the entire cleaning process is simple and easy. However, when cleaning equipment using chemical cleaning methods, if the cleaning solution is not selected scientifically, its performance and quality will be damaged during the cleaning process, and the equipment will be corroded.
Under normal circumstances, the cleaning solutions used in the equipment cleaning process are all decontamination cleaning agents, and the heat exchangers are cleaned with the help of the surface activity of the cleaning solution and the purification chemical reaction. The cleaning methods of equipment mainly include circulation method, dipping method and impact method. Among them, the circulation method is to circulate the cleaning liquid by the action of the pump; the immersion method is to fill the cleaning liquid into the equipment, clean it with the cleaning liquid for a period of time, and then discharge the cleaning liquid from the bottom of the equipment. And transfer the cleaning solution to the mixing equipment. When operators use the immersion method to clean the equipment, they must first understand whether the equipment contains substances that are prone to chemical reactions to prevent the heat exchanger from being damaged during the cleaning process.